About Us

HotDog Accessories

A local dog walking business which took us down the road of fashion.

Since 2012 our sister company have offered a doggy daycare service which would include lots of walks, sleepovers, grooming and more. Creating a very playful, fun & social environment for our dogs. Hot dog walkies was formed in 2011 and has since provided many dogs with their happy holiday retreats! The founder and director of Hot Dog Walkies, Janet Hall, has always had a love for dogs and felt she had landed the jackpot when she was able to make this a career.
With a love for all of these dogs as if they were her own Janet took to making collars and leads for them to wear for when they came round to stay, little did she know that this hobby would turn into a profiting business.

This is where Janet's daughter-in-law Demi came in and founded Hot Dog Accessories. Demi saw the potential was keen to take it a step further forming the perfectly paired accessory company. Demi then put her artistic vision to the test purchased a top of the range sewing machine and a beautiful array of fabrics and got crafting and oh boy was she right! Demi has since made hundreds of collars and leads for happy customers creating a bespoke solution for their beloved dogs.
Each collar has a significant meaning behind it. All dogs who come through the doors at hot Dog Walkies have a place in our hearts. It was a simple decision to name collars after the dogs we care for.